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Revenge of the trees

If it turned out that trees were all part of a group mind that was going to take revenge for centuries of human deforestation, what kind of tree would you prefer come to your home and wreak unholy vengeance upon you?

Submitted by: Woolybear (41) Yellow Star
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Submitted on: January 23, 2002
Category: Botany
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Ratings & Comments

The following ratings and comments have been submitted about this convostarter:

Rating: Ok

it dosent matter...... because it would get owned by a 40 inch chainsaw

By: jay-b

Rating: Excellent!

I'd like all trees to stay away but man is this a great convostarter with some fantastic imagination!!!

By: Bump

Rating: Excellent!

Fig. No doubt about it.

By: y6y6y6

Rating: Excellent!

hah hah! birch tree most def.

By: Bella

Rating: Excellent!

A Bonsai!! Yeah that'd be cool! Poor bonsais, always being deforestated...

By: Eight

Rating: Excellent!

The smallest you can ever find!! ha ha ha

By: Chelzy

Rating: Excellent!

Oh man, I would like to go with the bonsai but someone else took that one. I guess I'll take my chances with a big giant redwood.

By: cali tail


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