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What would the modern world be like if magic existed and was common place?

Submitted by: Shaide (7)
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Submitted on: January 14, 2006
Category: What if...
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Ratings & Comments

The following ratings and comments have been submitted about this convostarter:

Rating: Good

The world is already full of magic! you just have to believe to see it! fate!!! its there!!

By: Krista

Rating: Excellent!

I believe in magic.. Love is the real magic.. you find love anything and everything is possible, i believe love will make the world a way better place. give george bush a whore and porn and he'll be the best president ever lol guarenteed but thats only fake love.. real love makes you want to do better for the sake of you and your parners life, if you finally have love fantasies become reality on a daily basis. :) quote me if you must. i wub j00 all.

By: Russell

Rating: Excellent!

I think magic already exists, in all of us, but we just have to open our hearts wide enough to notice it. Some people are just too stupid to notice it.

By: Jasmine

Rating: Excellent!

oh i already use magic BLACK MAGIK that it Muahhahahah

By: mandy


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