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Hot or Cold?

If you had to live in an extreme environment (Think Sahara, Antarctica, underwater, on the Moon) where would you live? Why?

Submitted by: k8sings (18) Yellow Star
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Submitted on: January 31, 2005
Category: What if...
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Ratings & Comments

The following ratings and comments have been submitted about this convostarter:

Rating: Excellent!

Tricky question!

By: BubbaGump

Rating: Excellent!

underwater,cuz then you could like swim all tha time!!!!

By: Katie

Rating: Good

It makes me grateful for where I DO live. Good question!

By: ginger1984

Rating: Excellent!

Wow...I think underwater because its like my second home!

By: mishi

Rating: Excellent!

i would most likly say underwater it seems really intresting its always going to be fresh.

By: brendiita

Rating: Zzzz...

u must be a animal

By: R T


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