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1st time date at a bar?

Would you like your 1st date with someone to be at a bar and why or why not?

Submitted by: bowsgirl (5)
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Submitted on: August 23, 2004
Category: Romantic
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Ratings & Comments

The following ratings and comments have been submitted about this convostarter:

Rating: Ok

I might stick it a beer bottle where the sun don't shine if i'm in a bar

By: R T

Rating: Good

No. 1 cuz i'm too young anyway and 2. cuz it aint romantic enuff!

By: Chelzy

Rating: Good

No. Bar's are smoky and full of people looking for other people. If you went to laugh at drunk people doing silly things, it could be fun, be you run the risk of offendingsomeone.

By: Mickey

Rating: Good

No way. If there are drinks involved, I would be much more likely to do something I'd regret later.

By: sarah

Rating: Good

I would much rather our first date to be someplace more respectable than a bar. May somewhere like one of our homes or a restaurant, maybe even a movie theater, but not a bar.

By: Gwen

Rating: Good

No a girl can go to a bar and have fun on her own I want to show her she can have fun with me

By: Reeces


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