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Tool-Hand Luke

An accident has necessitated the amputation of one of your hands. If the only thing available to replace your hand with were hand-tools (no pun intended) (eg. hammer, screwdriver, saw, etc.), which would you want most and why?

Submitted by: Rivens (82) Yellow Star
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Submitted on: January 11, 2002
Category: Plastic Surgery
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Ratings & Comments

The following ratings and comments have been submitted about this convostarter:

Rating: Good

I'd have to say i'd replace it with a phone cause i love 2 chat away.

By: Beanie

Rating: Good

well its only one of your hands, you still have the other to do things with, however not being able to hold something would be crappy, so i would have plyers to grip with

By: KimberlyK

Rating: Excellent!

It'd have to be a coffee mug; no more misplacing the darn thing!

By: Bump

Rating: Excellent!

Tee hee! How about a dildo? Then it will never have to leave my side, or my other body parts! ;)

By: Nathalie Avion

Rating: Excellent!

It would have to be my hairbrush cuz everyone says I'm obsessed with my hair.

By: Princess

Rating: Excellent!

It would have to be a hairbrush.......wait a minute, I'm bald!

By: pwfalcon21

Rating: Excellent!

By: BubbaGump

Rating: Excellent!

Would a remote count? I can never find it when I need it.

By: starpetta

Rating: Excellent!

lol, i'd use a screwdriver.. coz my hobby is building computers! i'm going to use that one! ty rivens :)

By: Russell


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