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Zodiac Signs

What is your zodiac sign? How well does it represent your personality?

Submitted by: Maerlyn (5)
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Submitted on: May 28, 2002
Category: Astrology
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Ratings & Comments

The following ratings and comments have been submitted about this convostarter:

Rating: Zzzz...

By: jeri

Rating: Zzzz...

who even knows that stuff

By: Sparty

Rating: Zzzz...

zdiac is boring bs crap

By: Laxdude

Rating: Zzzz...

Yawn... Even 9 yr olds have better starters...

By: Akrid

Rating: Boring

Zodiac signs are like generic boxes. Everyone fits the personality descriptions they give at one point in their lives. I, for example, belong in "every single one" - how *odd* (gasp of sarcastic surprise)

By: Mistress of Lies

Rating: Boring

i personally think zodiac and all that mess is for people who have nothing better to do with their lives than waste it away by reading what could happen instead of living it.

By: missSunday52

Rating: Boring

I thought asking people their sign died with disco...When people ask me that question, I usually reply "All you can eat"

By: clarkbartron

Rating: Boring

That is a throwback convostarter! We might want to let that one stay in the past!

By: asweetcutie

Rating: Boring


By: Chelzy

Rating: Ok

for some folks this would be a question they could answer. But, there are a lot of people who are not familiar with what there sign is or what that is supposed to mean. Plus, doesn't it kind of sound like you're trying to pick someone up??

By: Carrie

Rating: Good

My sign is Aries, it represents me pretty well except aries are supposed to be really energetic and im really lazy. LoL

By: Sarah_Jane

Rating: Excellent!

By: Rivens

Rating: Excellent!

hello everyone

By: sunny

Rating: Excellent!

Kinda Cheesy, but reply could be interesting. (Capricorn)

By: Eight

Rating: Excellent!

I am totally in to that kind of stuff. I think I am supposed to be a snake. It doesn't represent me well at all. But i am a cancer and everything it says about cancers, is everything i am!

By: Jeannine


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