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Little Rascals

Have you noticed how the teens of today have changed? Not all of them but some have no respect for anyone but themselves now a days. At least, that's how they are where I live. If you have children, what are you going to do to make sure that they do not act this way and why?

Submitted by: Princess (277) Turquoise Star
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Submitted on: September 22, 2002
Category: Kids & Teens
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Ratings & Comments

The following ratings and comments have been submitted about this convostarter:

Rating: Boring

how can you say that all teens are disrespectful and selfish? Saying that is being a little judgemental

By: Natalie

Rating: Zzzz...

that's dumb. i'm a teen and i highly respect many people, including mydself- i can't just not respect my self cuz that leads to like disorders and bad stuff.

By: Bella

Rating: Excellent!

I am a teenageer and in my life it is not like that, but your totally right, teens today are selfish, self centered arrogent and non considering of others, and that's only because parents don't disiple there kids. Kids cuse out there parents, teachers, elders, and anyone eles they don't like or whatever. Anyone who doesn't agree is either just like that or they are not being honest. Kids back then were a lot better only because the parents back then disipled there kids.

By: Shannon McMillan

Rating: Ok

i think theres a select few people that cause the rest of us teens to be stereotyped

By: Laxdude

Rating: Ok

Shannon McMillan_ the only resone thay were bake then is case parents could flog there kids and our parents cant thank god but othere wise u do have a point

By: J.D Baby


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