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Watch out, you're leaking.

In ancient times, it was believed that blood's purpose was to cool the brain and that the heart was the container for our soul. Today, we know that the heart is the pump that moves oxygen and nutrient-rich blood throughout our bodies. If we still didn't know that today, what other uses might the blood and heart be for?

Submitted by: Rivens (82) Yellow Star
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Submitted on: April 10, 2002
Category: Health & Medicine
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Rating: Excellent!

To keep are manhood at fun attention!

By: pwfalcon21

Rating: Good

It could be a countdown for life - ie you only get a certain number of heartbeats in a lifetime and each beat is one nearer to the end. I guess that this is what it is in real life too, but if we didn't know better then perhaps this would be thought of as it's main purpose.

By: Dess


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