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Do you know any home remedies to get ride of runny noses, headaches,soar throats, etc... Let me know. Write it up.

Submitted by: Princess (277) Turquoise Star
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Submitted on: April 6, 2002
Category: Health & Medicine
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Rating: Excellent!


By: Sarah_Jane

Rating: Ok

for head aches massage the tips of all of ur fingers. everything else just A LOT of drugs.

By: Bella

Rating: Ok

If you push the temples of ur head hard for a minute, it will get rid of your headach (better to have somone else push) and i heard if you cut up small potatos and put them in a paper towel, set them on your eyes for 10 mins, and it will get ride of that party you had last night or the lack of sleep you've had. Oh, and for sore thorts, don't get horse pills lol (ouch) Get a cup of water and fill it up, then pour a lot of salt in it. Gargle with it a few times and your sore thort disapears (has to be really salty water, and trust me it isn't tasty) ^_^

By: lollypop


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