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How would you describe the taste of Pepsi?

Submitted by: Bida (10) Yellow Star
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Submitted on: March 17, 2002
Category: Food
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Ratings & Comments

The following ratings and comments have been submitted about this convostarter:

Rating: Excellent!

The flavor of Pepsi can be described as a sweet sparkling delicacy that fulfills the soul with it's desire for excitement!

By: Bump

Rating: Excellent!

This is sooooooooooooooooooooooo koool! i love it!!! itz awesome!! This is a question i've alwayz wondered. How do u describe the taste of foodz... doesn't everyone have their own taste?

By: Beanie

Rating: Excellent!

Tastes fizzy, cool, i dunno lol thats a good question i guess Pepsi tastes like Pepsi

By: Sarah_Jane

Rating: Excellent!

this is the best convo starter i have read so far..... i love it. it also makes me wonder how to describe diet anything!!!!!

By: meena

Rating: Zzzz...


By: mr.dobkin


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