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If I had a million dollars

If you were given one million dollars and were told you had one day to spend it (whether it would be buying your dream house or car or body part), what would you spend it on?

Submitted by: Princess (277) Turquoise Star
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Submitted on: March 11, 2002
Category: Past, Present, and Future
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Ratings & Comments

The following ratings and comments have been submitted about this convostarter:

Rating: Ok

medical research

By: Bella

Rating: Ok

i would buy a bigass house and a nice car and put a skate park in the back yard of my bigass house

By: jay-b

Rating: Good

By: Arie

Rating: Good

It would take days just to name my list. But I would probabaly get some plastic surgery done.

By: Jasmine

Rating: Excellent!

I would have too many martoonies!

By: Bump

Rating: Excellent!

I would get new boobs!!! Just like yours :)

By: Dude

Rating: Excellent!

las vegas nevada baby !

By: stef

Rating: Excellent!

I think I would pay for a hair transplant and to grow past 6 feet hell with that. Get drunk and party with my friends.

By: pwfalcon21

Rating: Excellent!

I'd have some plastic surgery done, invest in some stocks, take a trips to the carribean. By house and car.

By: Sarah_Jane

Rating: Excellent!

Buy everything i ever dreamt of

By: Chelzy


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