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crazy date

wut was the worse date you've ever gone on??

Submitted by: Beanie (21) Yellow Star
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Submitted on: March 11, 2002
Category: Romantic
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Ratings & Comments

The following ratings and comments have been submitted about this convostarter:

Rating: Excellent!

This brings up a lot of memories, emotions, but the best.. LAUGHS! You can have some pretty funny conversations with this one. Great job, Beanie! Love reading yours!

By: Misakichi

Rating: Excellent!

loved it Beanie! my answer would be when there is that unusual silence and neither of us has anything to say!very embarrassing!

By: Britney Kuhack

Rating: Good

I realized I had allready gone out with this guy before and it wasn't that great the first time either, great memories, you can always laugh at yourself

By: bowsgirl

Rating: Excellent!

I love to ask people this question. You can always count on a good laugh out of the answer!

By: sarah


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